Portland Film Festival introduces an Industry Strike Pass for WGA, SAG-AFTRA Union Members.

Photo of Sag-Members including Vanna White at our Networking for Actors Event at a Portland Film Festival.  This year's strike pass will allow members of SAG-Aftra & WGA special access to movies, events, networking, food and drinks during the 2023 Portland Film Festival.

Portland Film Festival created an Industry Strike Pass to give two organizations’ union members financial assistance to attend the upcoming Portland Film Festival, October 12-16, in Portland, Oregon.

Strike Pass Details for Portland Film Festival

Available for Union Members of the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Writers Guild of America, and Iatse. Both Iatse 488 and SAG-Aftra have been long-term sponsors of the Portland Film Festival.

Industry Strike Pass registrations are available, by clicking here.

The industry pass will give validated members of SAG-AFTRA, WGA, or a partner union industry-level access to the Festival plus one guest per pass, free entry to movie screenings (capacity pending), networking events, workshops, and classes, as well as access to our VIP & Filmmaker Lounge (capacity pending), including its food and drink offerings. This does not include food at the Kennedy School. Still, it includes tickets to watch movies presented by the Portland Film Festival, not regularly programmed films by the McMenamins Theaters.

Strike Pass Includes Limited Free Housing Available in Portland, Oregon

With every Festival, we focus on housing our filmmakers. This year, we want to make it extra easy for those members of SAG-Aftra & WGA, too. So, besides offering free industry access through our Strike Pass, we would like to help with housing.

If you’d like to be included in our Portland Homestay Program, we’d be happy to secure a guest room and host for your stay in Portland, Oregon. We frequently have extra hosts that go without a filmmaker. If you are a visiting Strike Pass recipient, you will receive signup information after accepting your registration. We will also include a list of our favorite hotels in town and any discounts we can get from them.

Do you live in Portland and have extra guest beds to offer? Please sign up for our Portland Homestay Program, click here.

Special Thanks to Local Sag-Aftra Members

We want to send a big shout-out to all the members. We stand with you. Big thanks to your film festival liaison Todd A. Robbinson, Mary McDonald Lewis and Portland Chapter President Michele Damis, June Eisler, and the rest of the board, who volunteer their time for free—hugs to the Seattle Team with Chris Comte and the new Executive Director, Davis Powell.

Three kids using a large video camera plus a sound engineer dressed as a green monster.

Invitation to Participate in Future Filmmakers Program

The Portland Film Festival partners with the Boys & Girls Club of Portland, Koerner Camera, Ryan Artists, Sag-Aftra Portland, NW Documentary, and Comcast to produce monster short films before the Festival. This year’s workshop will be held on September 30th. If you are interested in participating and helping the film industry’s future, please reach out. The films will be screened at the upcoming Festival.

Donating to Local Sag-Aftra Portland Board

We’re excited to announce a donation to the local chapter of Sag-Aftra to utilize as the board sees fit in supporting members during the strike—more details to follow on Thursday, October 12th portlandfilm.org. We hope everyone can utilize the Strike Pass at this year’s Portland Film Festival.

Heartbeats of the Film Industry

SAG-Aftra & WGA are the heartbeats of the film industry, the very fabric of our Festival, as pictured below. They represent much of the talent behind significant motion pictures, gaming, voice-overs, television, and other industries. Heck, members of the WGA would knock our socks off in writing, any day of the week.

The Portland Film Festival wishes to thank you for your hard work. We are happy to support you during this time of need with our Strike Pass to the Portland Film Festival, October 12-16, 2023.

Sag-Aftra has long sponsored independent voices at the Portland Film Festival. We're excited to share the favor and support them and the WGA!

Register for a strike pass here: https://forms.gle/kPdRJpcjwn5uaGpF7