Portland’s New Watch-and-Learn Film Series: Fighting Fentanyl, Tranq, Creating Jobs and More

Watch-and-Learn Film Series. Past Portland Film Festival headquarters from the street showing banners and filmmaker photos on the windows. Support Independent Voices is printed on the windows.

The Portland Film Festival is excited to introduce a film program that addresses issues facing our community. The Portland Watch-and-Learn Film Series is a series of town halls.

Photos of a vibrant audience watching movies at Portland Film Festival. Portland Watch-and-Learn Film Series.

Upcoming Watch-And-Learn Film Series

Each event previews never-before-seen footage and film(s), followed by panel discussions with local and visiting experts, filmmakers, and more. True to the name, we encourage the audience to talk and learn about subjects important to our community.

  • Oregon Jobs and the Economy—Brunch with hosted drinks. Spotlight on the growing film industry and incentives on 10/12
  • Community—discussing issues facing our community on 10/13
  • Discussing homelessness with your children and loved ones on 10/14
  • Fighting Fentanyl and Tranq on 10/15
  • Arts—Brunch with hosted drinks. Arts community and economy on 10/16

Portland Film Festival Supports the Community

Portland Film Festival, a decade-old 501(c)3 non-profit, is excited to announce the inaugural Watch-and-Learn Film Series. Remember, the series will be held during the 2023 Festival, October 12-16.

Community Discussions Open to the Public

We will host at least one talk-and-learn film discussion daily at the Portland Film Festival. The special events will be accessible and open to the public. Please send any accommodation requests one week before the event.

City of Portland street scene in October with Portland Film Festival banners on every lamp pole. Don't miss the Portland Watch-and-Learn Series at the upcoming Festival. October 12-16.

Panels of Experts and Invited Guests at Watch-and-Learn Events

Each day will feature different films, moderators, panels, and filmmakers in attendance. We encourage participation from the audience by asking questions and discussing local community issues. If you’d like to participate on a panel, please get in touch with our team; we have limited open spots.

Participate in Community Discussions at Watch-and-Learn Events

We are excited to include this series of current community issues as part of the Portland Film Festival. So, if you are interested in being on one of our panels or adding some suggestions, please send in your requests as soon as possible. Or attend. Be prepared to answer questions by bringing them written on a 3×5 note card. Additional note cards will be available for pick up at our Festival headquarters, or you can ask a volunteer during the Festival.

Street team volunteers from the Portland Film Festival. Don't miss out on the upcoming event or the Watch-and-Learn Film Series!

Community Gathering Place for Over a Decade

For over a decade, the Portland Film Festival has been a community gathering event for Portlanders, art enthusiasts, movie lovers, and tourists. This year’s Festival will continue its legacy of showcasing independent voices from various genres and communities. And now, with the Walk-and-Learn Series, we will focus on issues facing our community.

Register for Ticket and Pass Sales

Tickets will be available soon. Add your email to our announcement list to be the first to hear about events at the Portland Film Festival. Click here to register.

Lastly, our newsletter subscribers and pass holders will get first access to tickets before the public. Passes include all Walk-and-Learn events.