Buying Tickets

  • When will tickets be available for sale? Workshops will be available  August or September and film tickets will be around September 15th, 2021 for the 2021 Festival.
  • How much will tickets be? Check in when tickets go on sale.
  • Do I have to buy tickets online? No, we will have a limited number of tickets available the day of for every screening. We encourage you to order early to avoid sold out shows. If tickets are sold out online, you can come to the theater at least 30 minutes prior to the screening you wish to attend and wait in the STANDBY LINE. There are usually tickets available but not guaranteed.

Buying Passes

  • When will passes be available for sale? About a month prior to festival. Follow us on Facebook to stay in touch.
  • How much will passes be? The prices will increase each month until the Festival.
  • Do I have to buy passes online? No, we are working with our theater partners to sell passes at their venues. Stay tuned for more information as it comes available.

Sponsoring/Donating to the festival

  • Can I just donate money to help support the festival and its operations? Yes, please do so by contacting us. We are organized as a 501c (3) and have the IRS designation.
  • My business makes something I think that could benefit the festival. Whom should I contact about donating services or products? We are interested in hearing about your ideas of helping the festival. Please contact our development officer for further information. Click on the contact us link under About tab.


  • Do you need volunteers before the festival? Yes, we are a year-round organization with events every month. You can volunteer with us before, during or after the festival. Check out the Volunteer section to sign-up or for more information.
  • If I volunteered in the past, can I get a discount on tickets or passes? Contact our volunteer coordinator for more information.
  • Is there an age requirement for the film festival? As long as the person volunteering is accompanied by an adult and has permission from their guardian, we are open to working with volunteers of any age.

Submitting your film or script to the Portland Film Festival

  • How many times is my film or script reviewed for inclusion? Your project will be reviewed by industry professionals, past filmmakers, volunteers and festival staff—we attempt to view every submission at least three times before a final decision is made on its inclusion. We are filmmakers ourselves and make sure to give every person their opportunity.
  • Do I have to submit by FilmFreeway? No, you can do a direct submission.
  • Why didn’t my film make it in? Just because your film didn’t make it into our festival, doesn’t mean, it’s not a great or even an amazing film. Every year, we are saddened to decline some of our favorites. But in many cases, we can make recommendations to other festivals and friends in the industry that may play your film. Unlike other festivals in town, we don’t only curate our selection of films; we rely primarily on our submissions.
  • Why should I submit my film to Portland Film Festival? We are the largest film festival in Portland, Oregon organized by filmmakers for filmmakers with more education and networking opportunities than most festivals around. Come to Portland for the amazing town, great people and inexpensive entertainment (tax-free shopping). We fly in reviewers and industry professionals giving you better access and support than typical festivals provide.

Speaking or Workshop Suggestions

  • I’m an industry professional and would like to present on a topic important to filmmakers. Whom should I contact? Each year, we support industry professionals bringing their knowledge to our audience and filmmakers. Please contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas and add you to our schedule.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Do you have any advertising opportunities during the festival? Yes, please contact us to discuss the opportunities currently available. Our program, on screen and venue packages are available to fit most budgets.

Social Media Accounts