$6 Tuesday Meetup @ Living Room Theaters! 13 Minutes

Grab a drink and let’s go see a movie! Bring friends and some good conversation to discuss the film, its characters, the production and more. The Living Room Theater is the location of our weekly Monday meetup. Most movies they play are independent, foreign, artistic with an occasional blockbuster.

We meet Tuesday evenings to take advantage of their $6 Merry Movie special. They have weekday showings of all their movies in the 7:00 hour, and those are the showings we’re shooting for. If you see something coming up there that you’d like to recommend as our Living Room movie of the week, message me or post it on the board by Wednesday the previous week


During Hitler’s anniversary speech on November 8, 1939, a man is arrested on the Swiss border for possession of suspicious objects. Just minutes later, a bomb explodes in the Munich Bürgerbräukeller, immediately behind the Führer’s lectern, killing eight people. The man is Georg Elser, a carpenter from Königsbronn in the Swabia region. When a map of the site of the assault and detonators are found on him, he is sent to Arthur Nebe, the Head of the Criminal Police in the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, and to Heinrich Müller, the Head of the Gestapo, to be questioned. 

From them, Elser learns that his attempt has failed – that the man he wanted to kill in order to stop the bloodshed of the World War that had just begun, has left the Bürgerbräukeller 13 MINUTES before the explosion. For days, Elser is interrogated by Nebe and Müller. For days, he holds out against their questions. Until he finally confesses – and relates the story of his deed. 

Director: Oliver HirschbiegelCountry: GermanyGenre: Biography | DramaYear: 2017Run Time: 01:54:00imdb Score: 7.0/10 (3,909 votes)Language: GermanRating: RCast: Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Burghart Klaußner”13 MINUTES is an elegant, expensive-looking, respectful history lesson that finds just enough interesting texture in terms of the religious, social, moral, and personal circumstances that led to the creation of this rogue ideologue, to save it from becoming dry.”

Jessica Kiang – THE PLAYLIST

“A psychological portrait of resistance, made all the more timely – and creepily, almost offensively, unsettling – given the current political climate in the United States.”

Michael O’Sullivan – WASHINGTON POST

“13 MINUTES is proof that a hero isn’t about having success against impossible odds; it’s about doing the right thing when everyone else on the planet is doing something else.”


” A genuine achievement on an inexhaustible subject.”



Bavarian Film Awards 2015
Best Production

German Directors Award Metropolis 2015
Best Director


Berlin Int’l Film Festival 2015

Istanbul Film Festival 2015

Edinburgh Int’l Film Festival 2015

Moscow Int’l Film Festival 2015

Seattle Int’l Film Festival 2016

Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival 2017


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