Film Focus Group & Brunch (Building has Air Conditioning!)

Join the Portland Film Festival in deciding what films screen at this year’s Festival. So far we’ve received over 2800 submissions and we would love to have your input. From July 11th to the 22nd, come grab lunch, dinner or
snacks and watch all types and genres of films. (We’re providing the movies to watch and food!)

There are only 12 attendee openings per meetup. Each focus group will last up to 90 minutes and give attendees a chance to watch films not yet distributed. In many cases, the films have not screened publicly.

Attendees will be given a ballot so that they can vote on each film. Come to one or go to all the focus groups and help put Portland’s stamp on what MovieMaker Magazine calls, one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world.

NOTE: You will be watching films submitted to screen at the Portland Film Festival. You will not be recorded like most focus groups. We will provide food and beverages. All you have to do is watch films and vote with a yes, maybe or no. If you attend 12 or more screening sessions you will get a free industry pass to the festival. Thanks again for volunteering.