Free Screening of American Made & Poster Walk: Lloyd Center 10 Cinema

Free Screening of American Made & Poster Walk

Thu 9/28: AMERICAN MADE at Lloyd Center 10 Cinema (with Poster Walk starting at 5:00 PM)

You must participate in the Poster Walk to get a free ticket to the movie after the Poster Walk.

So, what the heck is the frigging Poster Walk?

The Poster Walk is walking around and putting up posters for the Portland Film Festival. We’re going to canvas the area, asking the shops if we can put up posters for the festival in their windows and generally getting the posters up around the area. We’ll bring all the supplies – posters, postcards, tape, staplers, bottles of water – and you just provide 1 – 1.5 hours of your time to do some light walking, fun talking, and poster posting.

We’ll meet outside Lloyd Center 10 Cinema at 5:00 PM, break into a couple groups and post the posters, then meet back up outside the theater before the movie starts. If you don’t want to or can’t make it to the Poster Walk but still want to come to the movie, please join us – but you’ll have to pay for your own ticket.


AMERICAN MADE (the move starts at 7:00 PM)

Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), a TWA pilot, is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America and soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States that spawned the birth of the Medellin cartel and eventually almost brought down the Reagan White House with the Iran Contra scandal.

Check out the trailer:

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