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BFE – By Seattle’s Shawn Telford

Boredom and bad decisions are a part of life in far-off places like BFE. Young and old struggle to live free or die trying. Including Grampa who has a terminal illness but won’t go down without a fight. His grandson Ian, on the other hand, tries to teach the old man how to live, while at the same time, catch the eye of the troubled and angelic Ellie, whose feelings for Ian may be more than mutual. The problem is, Ellie’s popular boyfriend Zack, who like everyone else in this isolated town on the edge of nowhere, doesn’t want to be the last virgin. 


“BFE Director Shawn Telford Escaped from a small town, then returned to make a movie.”

– Jacob Ogles SRQ Magazine

“Several malcontents (a grandpa among them) try to liberate themselves from the hell of an arid suburbia in Shawn Telford’s unique serio-comic sucker-punch, BFE.”

– City Arts Magazine

“Telford says his next script will have nothing to do with Idaho.” 

– Seattle Weekly

“It’s a raw, unprettified tale, and it haunts you afterward.” 

– Moira McDonald, Seattle Times 

“B.F.E. also sports a gorgeous visual aesthetic that alternately romanticizes and lays bare the dead-end nature of suburbia (think Dazed and Confused meeting the picturesque beauty of Badlands).” 

– Tony Kay, City Arts Magazine

“An effective, shaggy-dog yarn about four lost souls trying to make their way out of a dead-end town.” 

-Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine

“Lucidly poignant and irreverently funny.” 

-Phil Williamson, Cool Cleveland

“Visual motifs—and a location that looks like every freeway off-ramp town in America—underscore the universality of B.F.E.”

-James Helmsworth, Willamette WeekAwards

2013 US in Progress, Paris, part of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, Special Mention
2014 Sarasota Film Festival Special Jury Prize Best Ensemble. 
2014 Rome International Film Festival Gladiator Award
2014 Portland Film Festival Director Award 


2013 US in Progress, Paris, part of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival
2014 Sarasota Film Festival
2014 Seattle International Film Festival 
2014 Marfa Film Festival
2014 Destiny City Film Festival
2014 Portland Film Festival 
2014 Rome International Film Festival (closing night film & gala) 
2014 Arizona Underground Film Festival 
2014 Bushwick Film Festival 
2014 Oaxaca Film Fest
2014 American Film Festival
2014 Ohio Independent Film Festival 
2014 Weyauwega International Film Festival


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