Portland Film Festival Volunteer Pizza Party

2019 Portland Film Festival Volunteer Pizza Party

Saturday, January 19th, Festival staff arrive at 11:30am
Flying & Pie Pizzeria, free and open to the public
7804 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215

Calling all film lovers and Portland Film Festival volunteers to our Volunteer Pizza Party on Saturday, January 19th. The party is a great way to get involved in the film industry and meet new friends. We are looking for leadership and volunteers to help with the several tasks and preparation required to produce one of Oregon’s largest film festivals. Come grab a piece of pizza and learn about the Portland Film Festival.

In a world increasingly dominated by huge tent-pole films, independent voices are more vital to our culture, and more in need of support, than ever. Portland Film Festival brings a diverse group of voices together. We host world famous guests and our #FutureFilmmaker program with the Boys & Girls Club of Portland gives educational experiences to underprivileged children.

The festival has always been dependent on the energy and support of our volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood to our operation, because frequently they are film lovers and filmmakers too. We need volunteers before, during and after the Festival as well as year round to support our community outreach programs.


Discover the Oregon Swallowtail at the Portland Film Festival presented by Comcast in Portland, Oregon

Celebrate with Us: The Oregon Swallowtail Takes Flight at the Portland Film Festival, presented by Comcast October 16-20, 2024

This year, from October 16-20, 2024, the Portland Film Festival, presented by Comcast, is proud to celebrate the beauty and transformation symbolized by the Oregon Swallowtail. With its vibrant yellow and black wings, this local butterfly reflects the spirit of our city and the art of cinema—constantly evolving and captivating.