#FutureFilmmakers of The Portland Film Festival partnership with Boys & Girls Club of Portland

The Portland Film Festival partners with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area to give educational experiences and opportunities in filmmaking to youth.

Our workshops expose kids to the process of making a movie with working professionals from the film industry. On occasion, we’ve had participation from world famous participants. This creates excitement and encouragement for choosing film as a potential career or interest.

What makes the Portland Film Festival’s program unique is that it brings children from all over the city regardless of economic means and gives them the professional equipment, expertise and time to learn about team building, creativity, artistic expression, speaking in front of audiences, technology and building community.

Racking focus during a #futurefilmmakers event sponsored by Portland Film Festival

Our workshops create several short films that then are screened for families of the participants and during our festival. This is one of our most favorite and most attended programs.

To insure the participation of all, we offer it FREE to participants. If you’d like to donate your time, money or in-kind donations to support this program, please contact us for more information.