Sponsor 2024—Support Independent Voices at the 2024 Portland Film Festival

Contribute to Portland’s Film Community, Amplify Independent Voices, Educate Future Filmmakers and More with the Portland Film Festival

Together, we do more than just celebrate film; we nurture the ecosystem of creativity and community that makes Portland an unparalleled haven for artists and visionaries. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey, for helping the festival—and Portland itself—to thrive and inspire.

Recently recognized by Moviemaker Magazine as one of the best locations for filmmakers, Portland Film Festival helps shine lights on the diverse voices of independent filmmaking.

If your business is inspired to join this vibrant community by sponsoring, donating, or contributing in any way, we warmly invite you to connect with us. Your support can empower not just the festival as a whole but also specific initiatives that resonate with your values:

  • The Portland Film Festival in October: Our flagship event showcasing a rich diversity of independent cinema.
  • Indie Film Series 24/25: Monthly screenings that offer a platform for emerging talent and groundbreaking narratives.
  • Future Filmmakers Program: In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Portland and Comcast, nurturing the next generation of storytelling talent.
  • Environmental Initiative: A new project aimed at eliminating waste in the industry, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible film ecosystem.

Please visit the ‘Contact Us‘ page on our website portlandfilm.org to explore these opportunities further and learn how you can make a significant impact on these vital projects and the Portland film community.”

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The Portland Film Festival is made possible by generous support of our presenting sponsor, Comcast:

And in addition, the Portland Film Festival thanks the following businesses and products whose contributions to our festival made it sweeter, more fun, and uniquely Portland-powered!

The Portland Film Festival brings together a passionate group of people wanting to learn, share and connect. As a sponsor, your brand will be front and center to our audience.




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