Volunteers Needed for the Upcoming Portland Film Festival, October 12-16.

Film enthusiasts connect up to discuss volunteer opportunities at a Volunteer Fair Day for the Portland Film Festival.

We appreciate the volunteers who step forward and make a difference. We have fun opportunities in advance, during and after the Festival.

Festival volunteers cheering for you to join the Portland Film Festival! Join us and have some fun!

For over a decade, the Portland Film Festival has thrived because of the generous support of volunteers. Volunteering at any level of the Festival is exciting.

New Volunteer Opportunities at Portland Film Festival

  1. Neighborhood and community outreach
  2. IT/Tech Support
  3. VIP & Filmmaker liaison
  4. Graphic design
  5. Social media and Influencer outreach

Volunteers helping with everything needed before the film festival. Please volunteer at Portland Film Festival.

Benefits of Volunteering with the Portland Film Festival

  1. See behind the scenes of a film festival.
  2. Have fun. Watch movies before their release.
  3. Meet lots of cool people, including filmmakers.
  4. Get a free t-shirt after your first shift.
  5. Opportunity to earn a festival pass.
  6. Discounts on merchandise.

You can contact our volunteer team directly at volunteer(AT)portlandfilm(DOT)org. Group, corporate, and organization volunteer opportunities are available.