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THE 2021 #futurefilmmakers MONSTER MOVIE CONTEST!

Future Filmmakers Monster Movie Contest showing 5 cute little monsters

Future Filmmakers is a program created by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro Area, Portland Film Festival, Koerner Camera, and Comcast.

Future Filmmakers Monster Movie Contest and Workshop are now open to all school-aged kids in our local community. (Oregon and Southwest Washington.)

Youth have a chance to compete for big cash prizes in total of $2500 and the opportunity to see their work on our virtual platforms and television screens during the Festival. Future Filmmakers is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring and enthusiastic filmmakers (K-12 Graders) looking to show their stuff—we’re looking for up to seven-minute short films that capture imagined stories of monsters.

Let your spirit run wild. Please show us what you got: monsters, animations, what’s lurking in your yard, and explorations. Feel free to Include your toys, parents, siblings, pets, and neighbors with permission—bonus points for costumes, makeup, and good sound.

Three young future filmmakers holding a large camera grinning.

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Meet the Portland Film Festival Mascot & Monster Expert: Willie the Blue Heron. Please keep photographs to a minimum. If you attend this workshop, please note it will be recorded and used for promotional purposes. All rights reserved. 2021 Portland Film Festival.

Willie loves movies. Thanks to Comcast for supporting this workshop to get local kids and people all over to watch monster movies made by kids not just starring kids from Southwest Washington and Oregon. See you at the workshop.

Future Filmmakers Monster Movie Contest :

We are interested in:

  • 1 – 7 minute short films by filmmakers in grades K-12.
  • Monsters, Halloween, Día de Los Muertos, and spooky experiences.
  • Add that special unique Portland, SW Washington State and Oregon flavor and community spirit.

What we are not interested in:

  • Bananas.
  • Your short films that you’ve already made.
  • Anything that you would not share with your mom, dad, parent, guardian or teacher (movies MUST be appropriate for ALL audiences).
  • Music that you don’t own or have rights too. Don’t use music that you didn’t create.
  • No logos or business promos.

To stand out and improve your odds:

  • Tell a story. Narratives are usually more engaging than artistic shots or promotional ideas alone.
  • Humor and parodies of your favorite shows.
  • Animation of your toys and figures, drawings, or cutouts.
  • Production values count! Make sure your great idea can be seen and heard.
  • Don’t include actors who can’t give permission to be seen in your film and to the Portland Film Festival’s audiences.
  • The film festival audience is diverse, so humor and references should be accessible to all. Keep the pacing fast and tight, and pay careful attention to lighting and sound clarity. And of course, have fun and entertain us!
  • Include a blue heron image or photo. The Blue Heron is the official mascot of the 2021 Portland Film Festival.


Watch our workshop event “Make a Movie” with #futurefilmmaker experts to help you prepare a movie:

Ways to Submit:

Upload film link to: by October 22nd at 11:59 pm PST.
Include the film title, your name, your parent or guardian’s name, and how best to reach you. By uploading the film, you agree to the conditions here.
Entries are due by October 22nd, 2021.

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Comcast is a proud partner supporting Future Filmmakers.